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Visas & documents

All foreign nationals require visas for entry to Eritrea. Tourist visas are for single entry only, and are valid for 30 days from the date of arrival in Eritrea. They cost between US$40 and US$50.

Visas should be obtained from the Eritrean embassy or consulate before you leave your home country. If this is inconvenient, you can contact one of the travel agencies in Asmara. They can help you organise a visa.

Visas can be extended at the Department of Immigration (200033, ext 204; Denden St; 7-11.30am & 2-5pm Mon-Fri) in Asmara.

Travel permits

Because of the ongoing tension with Ethiopia, travelling in Eritrea has become pretty bureaucratic these days. To travel outside Asmara, you’ll need a travel permit, obtainable the same day at the Tourist Information Centre in Asmara. If you travel overland and come from Djibouti, you’ll need to go to the Immigration Office in Assab to get this permit.

To visit any of the archaeological sites of Eritrea, you’ll need to get a special permit from the National Museum office (112318; Mariam GMBI St, Asmara; 8.30am-noon & 2.30-6pm Mon-Fri). You’ll need your passport and Nfa150 per site (or US$10).

Visas for onward travel

Djibouti One-month entry visas cost US$30 or €25, require two photos, and are issued within 24 hours.

Sudan You will need two photos and a copy of your passport pages. Your application is then sent to Khartoum (Sudan) and you can expect a long processing time (about three weeks). If the answer is favourable, you’ll pay US$60 (US$160 for US citizens) and you will have to take a medical examination.

Yemen One-month entry visas cost US$55, require two photos, a valid return air ticket and a medical examination. They are processed within 24 hours.