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Introducing Nottingham

Linked forever to Robin Hood and his merry band of men in Lincoln green, Nottingham today is a dynamic mix of medieval and modern. Amid multistorey car parks and who-cares-what-you-think architectural eyesores, you’ll stumble upon a centuries-old landmark that crusaders probably knew – it’s that kind of place. Transformed by the riches of the 19th-century lace industry, the city developed into a powerful manufacturing engine-room, churning out Raleigh bikes, the Boots pharmacy empire and cigarettes. Industry has since declined, but the nightlife, culture and shopping most definitely have not. The city boasts fashion designer Paul Smith as one of its own, while the clubs and bars are some of the liveliest in the country. Trent Bridge is a major draw for cricket fans, and the reds of Nottingham Forest football club have an impressive heritage that belies their current form.