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Introducing Brighton & Hove

Brighton, Brighton, Brighton. Where to start? This is the most vibrant seaside resort in England and a high point in any visit to the region. In summer its pebbled shoreline throngs with sunbathers and beachside bars fizzle with energy and music. A multitude of trendy restaurants, slick boutique hotels and shops catering to every taste jam the streets leading back from the sea. The city’s nightlife is legendary and more concentrated than its rivals in London and Manchester. Family fun, high-brow culture, an exuberant gay population and cutting-edge club scene all mingle into one good-time getaway not to miss.

Don’t listen to the folk that call Brighton little London-on-the-Sea. However cosmopolitan it has become, this is a place with a character and quirkiness all its own. It has embraced the outlandish ever since the Prince Regent built his party palace here in the 19th century. And these days anyone can join in the fun. Celebrities rub shoulders with dreadlocked hippies, drag queens party next to designer-clad urbanites, couples stroll past fishermen and kids toddle around the tables of coffee-quaffing media types. It’s a city with a devil-may-care attitude: from its edgy cool underbelly to its hedonistic highs, its chic gloss to its seedy Soho glam, its candy floss frolics to its Bohemian detachment. Mix all its flavours together to get one heady cocktail, and a place for everyone in the shaker.