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Manchester, Liverpool & Northwest England/United Kingdom

Introducing Manchester, Liverpool & Northwest England

Welcome to the northwest, the once-mighty heartland of industrial England and a generous slice of urban heaven. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? What could possibly be so alluring about jam-packed conurbations and the heaving hulks of the industrial past? In this part of the world, plenty. Crammed into relatively tight confines are a couple of the most exciting cities in England, a picture-postcard town whose rich layers of history are revealed in its multitiered architecture and the most eye-popping, stomach-turning roller coaster we’ve ever been dizzy on. Oh, and the birthplace of the world’s best-ever band, bar none. Life, music, history and hedonism. And for those eager for a bit of respite from the concrete pawprint of humankind, there’s some of the most beautiful countryside in England. All this from a region that once changed the world.

That’s right, the northwest was the very place where the Industrial Revolution was born and raised into the overwhelming force of capitalism; where, in Manchester, the world’s first modern city was conceived; and where the endless possibilities of the Age of Reason were put through their original paces. Ancient Rome would have been proud of the accomplishment.

These days, however, the northwest is all about looking forward, about being the region that leaves its imprint on the 21st century in the way that it has for the last couple of centuries. A tall order, no doubt, but the region knows a thing or two about mighty achievements, urban redesign and bloody good music: look and listen for yourself.


Discover England’s Northwest (www.visitnorthwest.com) is the centralised tourist authority that covers the whole of the northwest.