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Introducing Sinai

Rugged and starkly beautiful, the Sinai Peninsula’s vast and empty desert heart has managed to capture imaginations throughout the centuries. It’s coveted for both its deep religious significance and strategic position as a crossroads of empires. Prophets and pilgrims, conquerors and exiles have all left their footprints on the sands here.

A springboard to the underwater wonders of the Red Sea, Sinai’s seaside resorts serve travellers with a medley of sun-drenched holiday fun that’s a world apart from the rest of Egypt. Step away from the buzz of the coast, however, and you’ll find Sinai’s true soul. Here amid the red-tinged, ragged peaks and endless never-never of sand, the Bedouin continue to preserve their proud traditions while dealing with the endless march of progress. On a star-studded night, surrounded by the monstrous silhouettes of mountains, you’ll realise why Sinai continues to cast a spell over all who visit.