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Bávaro & Punta Cana/Dominican Republic

Introducing Bávaro & Punta Cana

It wouldn’t be out of line to equate the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic as a sort of sea and sun Disneyland – after all, it is here where the megalomaniacal all-inclusive resorts snatch up broad swaths of cinematic beaches faster than the real estate agents can get the sun-soaked sands on the market. There are over 30,000 hotel rooms from Punta Cana to El Macao, with more on the way, and for good reason: its beaches do rival those anywhere else in the Caribbean, both in terms of their soft, white texture and their warm aquamarine waters. Despite a lack of restraint on development in the area, the resorts and beaches here still manage to offer an idyllic Caribbean seascape for a seemingly endless crowd of sunseekers.

Punta Cana, shorthand for the region as a whole, is actually somewhat of a misnomer. The majority of resorts are scattered around the beaches of Bávaro, really nothing more than a series of small commercial plazas, and El Cortecito, a short strip of shops along a ‘town beach’. Punta Cana (Grey-Haired Point), the easternmost tip of the country and where the airport is located, has some of the more luxurious resorts and Caribbean-hugging golf courses.

At the time of research, the expansion of DR-3, known as the Coral Highway, from San Pedro de Macorís to Punta Cana was in full force, which should dramatically cut driving time from Santo Domingo.