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Introducing Las Galeras

The road to this small fishing community 28km northeast of Samaná ends at a fish shack on the beach. So does everything else, metaphorically speaking. One of the great pleasures of a stay here is losing all perspective on the world beyond; even a trip to one of the beautiful and isolated outlying beaches seems far away. But Las Galeras, as much as anywhere else on the peninsula, offers land- and water-based activities for those with a will strong enough to ignore the temptation to do nothing more than lie around their bungalow or while away the day at a restaurant watching others do the same.

The town's laid-back charms have not gone unnoticed, drawing a cosmopolitan mix of European and North American visitors who make it a more eclectic global village than other more touristy spots on the peninsula; and it’s one of the few independent-traveler-minded locales in the DR – there’s barely an all-inclusive resort in sight.