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Getting around

Car & motorcycle


Avis (448-2481) has daily rates beginning at US$48, while Budget (449-2080) has rates beginning around US$45. Both Avis and Budget car rentals are at Canefield Airport, but there are also car-rental agencies at Melville Hall Airport and elsewhere on the island. Those in Roseau include Courtesy Car Rental (448-7763; Goodwill Rd) and Garraway Rent-A-Car (448-2891). Also try Valley Rent-A-Car (in Roseau 448-3233, in Portsmouth 445-5252).

Note that although most car rentals include unlimited mileage, a few local companies cap the number of free miles before a surcharge is added, so be sure to inquire in advance.

In addition to rental fees, most companies charge US$10 to US$15 a day for an optional collision damage waiver (CDW), though even with the CDW you may still be responsible for the first US$800 or so in damages. Some also charge around US$3 a day for additional drivers and an airport drop-off fee of US$20, even if that’s where you picked up the car. A 15% VAT charge is also applied to the total bill.

A 4WD is recommended for exploring in the mountains – even some of the main roads at the higher altitudes are in bad condition. Most car-rental places offer 4WD vehicles starting at US$55 per day.

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Bus & tram


There are buses between Roseau and Scotts Head, and between Roseau and Portsmouth, although the further north you go past Canefield the less frequent they become. Generally, they run from 6am to 6pm or a little later Monday to Friday, and until 2pm on Saturday. There aren’t any services on Sunday. It’s a cheap way to go, but is only advised for those with lots of time to spare.

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