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Introducing Skagen

Skagen, with its rich art, fresh seafood, photogenic neighbourhoods and classic characters, is an utterly delicious slice of Denmark.

In the mid-19th century, artists flocked to Skagen (pronounced Skain), charmed by the radiant light’s impact on the ruggedly beautiful landscape. Now tourists flock here, drawn by an intoxicating combination of a busy working harbour, long sandy beaches and a buzzing holiday atmosphere. The town gets packed in summer but maintains every bit of its charm, especially in the intimate, older neighbourhoods, filled with distinctive yellow houses framed by white-picket fences and red-tiled roofs. Catering to the tourist influx are numerous top-notch museums, arts and craft galleries, bike-rental outlets, ice-cream parlours and harbourside restaurants serving fish fresh off the boats. Come and see why half the Danish population lights up whenever the town’s name is mentioned.