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Introducing Poreč

The ancient Roman town of Poreč (Parenzo in Italian; Parentium in Roman times) and the surrounding region are entirely devoted to summer tourism. Poreč is the centrepiece of a vast system of tourist resorts that stretches north and south along the west coast of Istria. The largest is Zelena Laguna, with a full range of facilities and accommodation.

These holiday villages and tourist camps offer a rather industrialised package-type experience, with too much concrete and plastic and too many tour buses for some tastes. The hotels, restaurants, tourist offices and travel agencies, however, are almost universally staffed with multilingual people who make an effort to welcome visitors.

While this is not the place for a quiet getaway (unless you come out of season), there’s a World Heritage–listed basilica, a medley of Gothic, Romanesque and baroque buildings, well-developed tourist infrastructure and the pristine Istrian interior is within easy reach. It's also become the party hub of Istria in the last couple of years, drawing in young party goers from all corners of Europe and beyond.