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Flights to Colombia

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Washington Ronald Reagan
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Getting around by air

Airports & Airlines

Colombia's biggest international airport is Bogotá's newly renovated Aeropuerto Internacional El Dorado.

Other airports servicing international flights include:

International Airlines

The following is a selection of the most popular international airlines serving Colombia. Charter airlines also fly package tourists into Cartagena and San Andrés.


Aerogalwww.aerogal.com.ecBogotá/Quito (Ecuador)
Aerolíneas Argentinaswww.aerolineas.com.arBogotá/Sydney (Australia) & Auckland (New Zealand) via Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Air Canadawww.aircanada.comBogotá/Toronto (Canada)
Air France/KLMwww.airfrance.comBogotá/Paris (France)
American Airlineswww.aa.comBogotá/Miami (US); Cali/Miami; Medellín/Miami & Tampa (US)
Avianca/Aviancatacawww.avianca.comBogotá, Cali & Medellín/North America, Central America, South America; & Cuba
British Airwayswww.britishairways.comBogotá/London (UK)
Copawww.copaair.comBogotá/Panama City (Panama)
Conviasawww.conviasa.aeroBogotá/Caracas (Venezuela)
Cubana de Aviaciónwww.cubana.cuBogotá/Havana (Cuba)
Deltawww.delta.comBogotá/Atlanta, Chicago & New York/New Jersey (US)
Iberiawww.iberia.comBogotá/Barcelona & Madrid (Spain)
Jet Bluewww.jetblue.comBogotá/Fort Lauderdale & Orlando (US)
Lanwww.lan.comBogotá/Miami (US) & Santiago (Chile); Cali/Lima (Peru) & Quito (Ecuador); Medellín/Lima & Quito
Lufthansawww.lufthansa.comBogotá/Frankfurt (Germany)
Spirit Airwww.spiritair.comArmenia, Bogotá, Cali & Medellín/Fort Lauderdale (US)
Tamwww.tam.com.brBogotá/São Paulo (Brazil)

Onward Travel within South America

Airline tickets in South America are expensive. If you are traveling to Ecuador, Venezuela or Brazil, you will find it cheaper to fly domestically to the land border (Ipiales, Cúcuta or Leticia, respectively), cross the land border and take another domestic flight to your final destination.

That said, Bogotá is often the cheapest entry point to South America and there are plenty of intercontinental flights out of Bogotá, plus a few out of Cali and Medellín. You can fly Bogotá–Quito (from US$250) and Cali–Quito (from US$320), for example. Flights also connect Bogotá and Caracas (US$900), though seats in and out of Caracas are becoming harder and harder to come by.

Further afield, a flight to Santiago, Chile, will set you back around US$900, and to Buenos Aires US$800. Expect to pay around US$600 to São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Of course, the fares above vary wildly depending on a number of factors.


Colombia requires, technically at least, that visitors have an onward ticket before they're allowed into the country. Airlines and travel agents quite strictly enforce this, and no one will sell you a one-way ticket unless you already have an onward ticket. Upon arrival in Colombia, however, hardly any immigration officials will ask you to present your onward ticket.

The trick is to buy a fully refundable ticket with your credit card and request a refund upon arrival in Colombia. If arriving overland, a printout of an unpaid reservation may also be sufficient to get past the border guards. Scruffy-looking travelers are more likely to be asked to show an onward ticket than those who are neatly attired.

Departure Tax

The international departure tax for foreign visitors for a stay in Colombia for 60 days or more is US$38. Stays less than 60 days are exempt. Either way, you will still need to visit the Aeronautica Civil booth to either pay or get your exemption stamp. Payment is accepted in both dollars and pesos. For domestic flights, COP$12,600 is charged, usually in the price of your ticket, though certain airports (Cúcuta, for example) charge additional taxes that must be paid at the airport.