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Introducing Barichara

Barichara is the kind of town that Hollywood filmmakers dream about. A Spanish colonial town of striking beauty, the whitewashed buildings and stone streets look almost as new as the day they were created some 300 years ago. Granted, the movie-set appearance owes its debt to considerable reconstruction efforts made over the past 25 years, but all rebuilding has been done with taste in mind.

The town, 20km northwest of San Gil and high above the Río Suárez, was founded in 1705 as Villa de San Lorenzo de Barichara. Four stone churches were built, including a massive cathedral. Today it's considered one of the most beautiful small colonial towns in Colombia.

The name Barichara comes from Barachalá, a Guane Indian word (the original inhabitants of this territory) which means 'a good place for a rest' - absolutely true! Whether you are here to sightsee or just to rest, Barichara won't disappoint.