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Health & safety

While you're there

Medical services

If you're insured, it's preferable to use private clinics rather than government-owned institutions, which are cheaper but may not be as well equipped. Most private clinics carry out laboratory tests and have specialist doctors, some of whom speak English.

Centro de Atención al Viajero (215 2029, 612 0272; Carrera 7 No 119-14) A travelers' medical center which offers various vaccinations (including yellow fever and hepatitis A and B).

Clínica de Marly (343 6600; Calle 50 No 9-67) A recommended clinic with doctors covering most specialties.

Dr Carlos Arturo Pasada (612 3026, 612 3007; Calle 125 No 29-59, oficina 411) Recommended dentist. In the same office, Dr Catalina Mendez specializes in root-canal work.

Dr Miguel Arias (256 3918; Carrera 10 No 97-41) A recommended English-speaking doctor.

Hospital San Ignacio (288 8188; Carrera 7 No 40-62) A university hospital with a high level of medical expertise, but long queues.