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Introducing Dàlǐ

Dàlǐ, the original funky banana-pancake backpacker hang-out in Yúnnán, was once the place to chill, with its stunning location sandwiched between mountains and Ěrhǎi Hú (Ěrhǎi Lake). Loafing here for a couple of weeks was an essential Yúnnán experience.

During the past decade the Chinese tourist market discovered Dàlǐ and the scene changed accordingly. Today, Chinese-style snack shops now outnumber the places slinging banana pancakes. Still, Dàlǐ has not succumbed to the tourist mania that infected nearby Lìjiāng and remains a reasonably relaxed destination, with the local population still a part of daily life.

Surrounding Dàlǐ there are fascinating possibilities for exploring, especially by bicycle and in the mountains above the lake, or you can do what travellers have done for years – eat, drink and be merry.