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An abundance of courses can be found in China, whether you want to learn Mandarin (or any other dialect), Chinese cooking , taichi and Chinese martial arts, Chinese medicine, qì gōng, feng shui, calligraphy, Chinese painting or how to play a traditional Chinese musical instrument. One popular organisation is the enterprising Běijīng-based China Culture Center (010-6432 9341; www.chinaculturecenter.org; Kent Center, 29 Anjialou, Liangmaqiao Lu; h9am-6pm), which offers a range of tours around China, as well as events, seminars and courses in subjects ranging from taichi to Beijing Opera face-painting.

When searching for Chinese-language schools, weigh up the fees and syllabus carefully as many outfits charge expensive fees while using teaching methods that may not suit Westerners. A good place to start looking for a course is in expat magazines such as The Beijinger, That’s Shanghai and That’s Guangzhou.

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Ever imagined living in China? The dream could be closer than you think. If you speak English, you can teach English as a foreign language while immersing yourself in Chinese culture. No teaching experience and no Mandarin language skills? No problem! Find out how you could be striding through Beijing or sampling fiery Sichuan cuisine – as a local.

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