Huángpǔ River Cruise

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Huángpǔ River Cruise information

Shànghǎi , China
219-239 East Zhongshan No 2 Rd; 中山东二路219-239号
Getting there
Metro: Line 2, 10 to East Nanjing Rd
tickets ¥120
Opening hours
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The Huángpǔ River offers intriguing views of the Bund, Pǔdōng and riverfront activity. The night cruises are arguably more scenic, though boat traffic during the day is more interesting. Most cruises last 50 minutes.

Departures are from the docks on the south end of the Bund (near East Jinling Rd) or, less conveniently, from the Shíliùpù Docks (十六铺; Shíliùpù), a 20-minute walk south of the Bund. Buy tickets at the departure points or from the Bund tourist information and service centre , beneath the Bund Promenade and opposite the intersection with East Nanjing Rd. Departure times vary.