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Getting there & away




Long-distance buses leave from Victory Sq (in front of the train station) and from behind the station (near the light-rail depot). The trick is to find the correct ticket booth for your destination.

Tickets for fast buses to Dāndōng (Y81, 3½ hours) are sold from a booth on the west side of Victory Sq, where eight buses depart daily between 6.20am and 2.40pm. The ticket booth for buses to Běijīng (Y220 to Y280, nine hours, 11am and 9pm) is also on the square’s west side.

Buses to Shěnyáng (Y73 to Y81, 4½ hours, hourly) depart from the east side of Victory Sq. The same booth sells tickets to Běnxī (Y60 to Y95, five hours, 9am and 3pm).

Frequent buses to Zhuānghé (Y34, 2½ hours) leave from behind the train station.


Be prepared for chaos at the always jammed Dàlián train station. Try to buy your ticket as early as possible.

Several daily trains run to Shěnyáng (Y55, four hours). Other destinations include Běijīng (seat/sleeper Y140/290, 10 to 12 hours), Hāěrbīn (seat/sleeper Y125/231, 10 hours), Chángchūn (seat/sleeper Y99/171, eight to 9½ hours) and Tōnghuā (seat/sleeper Y71/143, 11 to 12 hours).

At the time of writing, train service to Dāndōng had been discontinued and a new train-ferry link between Dàlián and Yāntái was under construction.

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The Korean-run Da-In Ferry (8270 5082; www.dainferry.co.kr) to Incheon in South Korea departs from Dàlián on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3.30pm (Y920 to Y1850, 18 hours).

Several daily boats go to Yāntái; fast boats make the crossing in under four hours (Y350), while slower boats take six to seven hours (Y50 to 250). Daily boats to Wēihǎi (Y150 to Y720, seven hours) depart at 8.30am, 9am and 9pm. If you really love boat travel, you can go to Tiānjīn (Y172 to Y720, 12 to 15 hours) or Shànghǎi (Y660, 37 hours).

Buy ferry tickets at the passenger ferry terminal in the northeast of Dàlián or from a counter in front of the train station. To the ferry terminal, take bus 13 from the Dàlián train station or bus 708 from Zhongshan Sq.

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Airport shuttles leave from the office of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC; Zhōngguó Mínháng; 8361 2888 domestic reservations, 8361 2222 international reservations; 143 Zhongshan Lu; 8am-6pm); check with CAAC for times.

Domestic flights include Běijīng (Y710, one hour), Hāěrbīn (Y840, 1½ hours), Shànghǎi (Y1060, 1¾ hours), Guǎngzhōu (Y2050, 3½ hours) and Hong Kong (Y3030, 3½ hours).

Dragonair (8271 8855; www.dragonair.com; 15th fl, 68 Renmin Lu) has an office near the Furama Hotel. Japan Airlines (JAL; Map p364; 8369 2525; 147 Zhongshan Lu) and All Nippon Airways (8360 6611; 147 Zhongshan Lu) are both in the Senmao Building, near the CAAC. International destinations include Tokyo (Y5250, 2¾ hours), Osaka (Y4480, two hours and 20 minutes) and Seoul (Y2390, one hour).

In summer you can fly from Dàlián to Vladivostok and Khabarovsk (Russia). Vladivostok Avia (8277 9100; fax 8277 9300; www.vladavia.ru) travels to Vladivostok (two hours) several times a week, and Dal Avia (www.dalavia.ru) flies to Khabarovsk (2½ hours) on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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