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Introducing Nánjīng

Nánjīng, Jiāngsū’s capital, lies in the southwest on the lower stretches of the Yangzi River. It’s one of China’s more pleasant and prosperous cities, with wide leafy boulevards, chic apartment blocks and mile-high office towers, set among a beautiful landscape of lakes, forested parks and rivers.

The city sports a long historical heritage and has twice served briefly as the nation’s capital, first in the early years of the Ming dynasty (1368–1644) and second as the capital of the Republic of China in the early years of the 20th century. Most of Nánjīng’s major attractions are reminders of the city’s former glory under the Ming.

Today’s Nánjīng is a cosmopolitan mix of old and new, where crumbling ruins stand side by side with shopping mega-plazas. Home to several excellent universities and a large foreign student population, the city boasts many international restaurants and a lively nightlife.