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Wǔlíngyuán & Zhāngjiājiè

Getting there & away



Bus & minibus

Minibuses to Zhāngjiājiè village (Y8, 40 minutes) pick up passengers at the car park in front of the train station, but they may not leave till full; otherwise, take bus 2 to the long-distance bus station (822 2417;; Huilong Lu), where buses leave every 15 minutes to Zhāngjiājiè village (Y8). Buses to Tiānzǐshān (Y10, every hour) also leave from here, as do buses to Chángshā (Y120, 11 hours, twice daily), Fènghuáng (Y47, four hours, 8.30am and 2.30pm), Jíshǒu (YY44, 2½ hours, every hour), Yuèyáng (Y89, seven hours, 8.20am), Wǔhàn (Y151, 5.30pm), and Shànghǎi (Y435, 20 hours, 10.30am) via Héféi and Nánjīng.


The train station is 8km southeast of the city; buy tickets well in advance of travel. Trains run to Chángshā (hard seat Y71, eight hours, twice daily), Běijīng (Y194, 27 hours, daily) and Guǎngzhōu (Y174, 23 hours, twice daily). Trains also run to Yíchāng, Jíshǒu (hard seat Y22) and Huáihuà (hard seat Y15 to Y37, four to 5½ hours).

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Zhangjiajie Airport (825 3177) is 4km southwest of Zhāngjiājiè city and 40km from the park entrance; a taxi should cost around Y100 to the park. More and more flights link Zhāngjiājiè city with the rest of China, but prepare for frequent cancellations. Daily flights include a growing number of cities, including Běijīng (Y1340), Shànghǎi (Y1330), Guǎngzhōu (Y860), Chóngqìng (Y580), Chángshā (Y580) and Xī’ān (Y690).

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Wǔlíngyuán & Zhāngjiājiè