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Introducing Wǔhàn

One of China’s most massive and upbeat cities, Wǔhàn is a sprawling and gargantuan alloy of three formerly independent cities: Wǔchāng, Hànkǒu and Hànyáng. Centuries of trade have flooded into Wǔhàn along the irrepressible Yangzi River, and the city’s tight clutch of buildings on the waterway pump with levels of money and modernity to rival Shànghǎi. Indeed, the city carries numerous echoes of Shànghǎi: Hànkǒu’s Bund and concession-era streetscapes; neon-splashed Jianghan Lu, hopping with shoppers and fizzing with commercial energy; and the towering form of the Minsheng Bank Building.

One of the Yangzi River summer swelter zones, Wǔhàn’s feverish temperatures start to climb on a steep and energy-sapping parabola from early summer.