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Getting there & away

Phoenix airport has flights to a small number of international destinations and a stack of domestic destinations, including Shēnzhèn, Guǎngzhōu, Běijīng, Shànghǎi, Xī’ān and Kūnmíng. Prices vary greatly depending on the season, the airline and even the time of day, so it’s worth shopping around. As a guide, a one-way flight to Shēnzhèn could cost as little as Y320 or as much as Y900. Check Travel China (400 810 1119; www.elong.net) for an idea of prices. Dàdōnghāi is full of travel agencies, and the hostels and major hotels can also book plane tickets.

From Sānyà’s long-distance bus station (8827 2440; Jiefang Lu) there are frequent buses and minibuses to most parts of Hǎinán, including many deluxe buses to Hǎikǒu (Y79, three to 3½ hours). Buses to Wǔzhǐshān Shi (slow/express Y17/20, 1½ to two hours) leave roughly every hour, and there are two departures daily for Qióngzhōng (about five hours) at 7.55am (Y35) and 8.40am (Y31).