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Introducing Guǎngxī

Tell someone you’re heading to Guǎngxī (广西) and they’ll seethe with envy, imagining you cycling and bamboo-rafting under the famous karst peaks of Yángshuò, or hiking between ethnic villages in the lofty Lóngjĭ Rice Terraces. Tell them that that's not all though: you'll also be taking selfies in front of the dramatic Dānxiá landscape (a type of landform) at Tiānmén Mountain and Bājiăozhài National Geopark, and getting sprayed by the mighty waterfall of Détiān or splashed by live seafood in Běihǎi's Vietnamese quarter.

What's more, you'll be contemplating the 2000-year-old Huāshān cliff murals from a boat, getting your feet massaged by the cobblestones of Dàxū Ancient Town, and comparing the poetry of the Dòng villages at Chéngyáng to the beauty of Kyoto in Japan.

After you've had your fill of wonders above ground, you'll be plunging into the subterranean forests of Lèyè and soaking your feet in the underground streams of Tōnglíng Grand Canyon. Tell them all that and they're bound to hop on the next flight to Guìlín or Nánníng.