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Introducing Guǎngxī

Tell someone you’re heading to Guǎngxī (广西) and they’ll seethe with envy. The star attraction is the karst scenery in Guìlín and Yángshuò, where travellers can venture by bicycle or hike through lush valleys. It’s hard not to fall for this achingly beautiful province, which offers endless rewards for those with an outdoors temperament.

Expect the mighty rush of the Détiān Waterfall, and the marvellous Chéngyáng Wind and Rain Bridge, to dazzle you. A trek through the villages of the lofty Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces gives you a glimpse into the distinct traditions of diverse minority groups like the Zhuang, Yao and Dong.

Less-active travellers can discover the 2000-year-old Huāshān cliff murals in a peaceful boat journey on the Zuǒ River; or simply wander along the quaint old settlements in Běihǎi and savour their wonderful human landscape.