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Getting there & away




Intercity buses leave from Luohu bus station (Luóhú qìchēzhàn) under the shopping centre. There are regular services to Cháozhōu (Y160, five hours), Guǎngzhōu (Y60, 1½ hours), Hǔmén (Y35, one hour), Shàntóu (Y150, four hours), Xiàmén (Y210, eight hours) and Zhōngshān (Y70, 1½ hours).


There are frequent local trains (Y70, two hours) and high-speed trains (Y80, 55 minutes) between Guǎngzhōu and Shēnzhèn. The Kowloon-Canton Railway’s East Rail offers the fastest and most convenient transport to Shēnzhèn from Hong Kong.

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There are 13 jet-cat departures daily between Shékǒu port (2669 5600) and Hong Kong (day/night sailing Y108/125, 50 minutes) between 7.45am and 9.30pm. Seven of these go to the Macau ferry pier in Central, with the balance heading for the China ferry terminal in Kowloon. The same number of boats leave Hong Kong for Shékǒu from 7.45am to 9pm. Chikong Passenger Transport runs hourly ferries (Y238, 9am to 9.20pm, 2½ hours) from Shékǒu to Hong Kong International Airport.

There are six departures daily to Kowloon’s China ferry terminal from the Fuyong ferry terminal (Fúyǒng kèyùnzhàn; Shenzhen airport) and three to the Macau ferry pier in Central between 9am and 8.30pm (2nd/1st class Y171/271, one hour).

You can also reach Zhūhǎi (Y70, one hour) from Shékǒu every half-hour between 7.30am and 6.30pm.

Boats run between Hǎikǒu and Shékǒu (Y138 to Y450, 18 hours) every day except Saturday, leaving at 4pm.

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Shēnzhèn airport (Shēnzhèn Fēijīchǎng; 2777 6789; www.szairport.com) is now China’s fourth busiest. There are flights to most major destinations around China.

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