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Getting there & away




Buses from Chóngqìng depart from the two-storey long-distance bus station next to the train station.


Chóngqìng’s enormous train station is inconveniently located southwest of the city.

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Zillions of boats make the run from Chóngqìng down the Yangzi River to Yíchāng. The ride is a popular tourist trip and worth doing before the Chinese government finishes its massive dam project and floods the Three Gorges.

Travelling upriver by boat from Chóngqìng hasn’t been a viable option since the government pulled its money out of the ferry business and put it all behind the expressway. You may find private boats selling tickets for Yíbīn or Lèshān in the summer; however, it’s considered by locals to be a risky ride.

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Chóngqìng’s Jiangbei airport is 25km north of the city centre. You can purchase tickets at Air China ; 6787 8538; 30 Jianxin Beilu, Jiangbei) and Dragonair ; 6372 9900; Room 2906, Metropolitan Plaza, 68 Zuorong Lu). You can book flights at most hotels and in the numerous ticket offices around Liberation Monument.

There are daily flights to nearly everywhere in China, including Chéngdū (Y460, 50 minutes), Kūnmíng (Y820, one hour), Guìyáng (Y470, 45 minutes), Guǎngzhōu (Y1290, 1½ hours), Wǔhàn (Y840, 1½ hours), Shànghǎi (Y1600; two hours), Běijīng (Y1670, two hours 10 minutes), Shēnzhèn (Y1390, two hours) and Hong Kong (Y2558, 2¼ hours).

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