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Travel alert: The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommends against all travel to some areas and all non-essential travel to the rest apart from N’Djaména, please check with your relevant national government.

Introducing Chad

Wave goodbye to your comfort zone and say hello to Chad. Put simply, Chad is a place and an experience that you'll never forget! If Ghana and Gambia are Africa for beginners, Chad is Africa for the hardcore.

Travel here is tough. Many of the roads are broken due to years of conflict and lack of maintenance. There are few comfortable hotels and there is plenty of bureaucracy and demands for cadeaux (gifts) to negotiate. Added to that, the summer heat is mind-melting, travel costs can be astronomical and the security situation remains unpredictable.

So why bother, you may ask? Well, we could list the sublime oases lost in the northern deserts, tell you about the stampeding herds of wildlife in the national parks or the deep blue lure of a boat trip on Lake Chad. But let's be honest about it, these things alone aren't why people come to Chad. Chad offers an opportunity to break emphatically with a comfortable Western world and come to a place that promises experiences, good and bad, that you'll be recalling forever.