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Everybody except nationals of some Central and West African countries needs a visa to visit Chad. As visas are not available at the airport or borders, travellers should obtain one before they arrive or in their home country. Costs for 30-day visas can be as high as US$100 for some nationalities.

Visa extensions

The sûreté office (Ave Félix Éboué) in N’Djaména issues visa extensions, usually on the same day. Generally it just reissues a visa at the same price as the first one.

Visas for onward travel

Cameroon One-month visas cost around US$100; you’ll need one photo and have to wait one day. If you’re just passing through, transit visas, available immediately, are free.

CAR One-month visas cost US$70. You need two photos and they are issued on the same day.

Libya The friendly staff will give you visa advice, but all requests must go through a Libyan travel agency, which arranges your invitation. This might take two weeks, but plan on several more.

Niger The consulate issues three-month visas right away for US$40; you need two photos.

Nigeria One-month visas cost between US$60 or US$110, depending on your nationality. They require two photos and are usually issued within two days. No letter of invitation is needed.

Sudan The embassy was closed at the time of research. Chad used to be an easy place to get a Sudanese visa, but that has probably changed.