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Introducing Saskatchewan

Imagine a place where you don’t go looking for solitude, solitude finds you. A place about the size of France but with 1/60th of the population, where you have to go looking for cities and towns, versus escaping them, and where the sky comes alive with the distant rumble of an approaching thunderstorm, the grass sways to the beat of a silent drummer and the only sound you hear is the odd cricket cranking out a tune. You can go for hours and not see another car, yet in that time see deer, moose and millions of gophers, and experience enough solitude to drive an agoraphobic right over the edge. Sounds like some exotic Shangri-la, doesn’t it? Nope, it’s just good ol’ Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan gets called a lot of names in the schoolyard. Flat! Boring! Empty! But as mom always told you, don’t listen to those bullies. No, you won’t find mountains here, nor oceans or enormous cities. But you will find something that most people could use a bit more of – peace and quiet.

There’s no need to exaggerate the vastness of this prairie flatland. Once you get off the main highway it’s more akin to an oceangoing journey – instead of riding on the watery waves you set sail on an ocean of wheat, drifting with the currents of quiet roads and stoic landscapes. On your voyage you’ll arrive in towns that feel like ports populated with low-key locals. Sometimes the days will be long and the scenery will meld into a stagnant image, but when you arrive at an island of paradise and you’re the only one there, all efforts will be rewarded.

So set sail on the land of the living skies and get acquainted with one of the largest untouched sections of wilderness left on the planet.