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Introducing Virgin Gorda

It’s certainly a testament to Virgin Gorda’s awesomeness that a billionaire such as Richard Branson – who could live anywhere in the world – chooses this little patch of earth. Of course, it should be noted he’s not actually on Virgin Gorda, but has his very own personal island right offshore. But you get the point. And you should get to Virgin Gorda, an ideal blend of extraordinary sights, easy access, good restaurants and villas and, somehow, no rampant commercialism.

The giant granite rock formations of the Baths are the BVI’s biggest tourist attraction, and guess what? They live up to the hype, especially when combined with the hike up, over, around and through them to Devil’s Bay. Hikers can also summit Virgin Gorda Peak, relishing the cool breeze, and meander around wind-pounded Copper Mine National Park. Sea dogs can take ferries over to Bitter End Yacht Club and Saba Rock Resort to drink with the yachties.