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Flights to Brazil

The best price found from United States to Brazil is on September 17th, 2016, travelling with Copa. See more options, compare prices and book: search flights.

Washington Dulles
from $323.00
Rio De Janeiro Internacional

Getting around by air


For high-season travel, roughly between mid-December and the end of February, tickets to Brazil cost about US$300 more than they do during the rest of the year.

International Air Passes

If you’re combining travel in Brazil with other countries in southern South America, air passes can be decent value if you’re covering a lot of ground in 30 days and don’t mind a fixed itinerary.

The Visit South America air pass offered by airlines of the Oneworld Alliance (www.oneworld.com) allows stops in more than 60 cities in 10 South American countries. Prices are calculated on a per-flight, per-distance basis. Sample fares include US$260 Rio de Janeiro to Lima (Peru), US$220 from São Paulo to Buenos Aires (Argentina) and US$200 from Santiago (Chile) to Lima (Peru).

The Gol South America air pass is valid for travel on Gol’s network, including routes between Brazil and Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru and Bolivia. Fares are US$629 plus tax for four flights, US$822 for five flights; each additional flight is US$140.

Airports & Airlines

The most popular international gateways are Aeroporto Galeão (GIG) in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo’s Aeroporto Guarulhos (GRU). From both, connecting flights leave regularly to airports throughout the country. Salvador (SSA) and Recife (REC) receive a few direct scheduled flights from Europe.

TAM is Brazil’s main international carrier, with flights to New York (USA), Miami (USA), Paris (France), London (UK), Lisbon (Portugal) and seven South American cities. The US Federal Aviation Administration has assessed TAM as Category 1, which means it is in compliance with international aviation standards.