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Belo Horizonte

Getting there & around


Bus & tram


Belo’s bus station (3271 3000) is near the northern end of downtown on Praça da Rodoviária. The free Belotur guide lists bus company phone numbers in the back pages.

Destinations include Brasília (Penha and Itapemirim bus lines, R$80, 11 to 12 hours, three daily); Caxambú (Gardénia, R$54, six hours, two daily at 7:30am and 11pm); Congonhas (Sandra, R$16, two hours, two daily at 7am and 10:15am); Diamantina (Pássaro Verde, R$53, five hours, six daily from 5:30am to midnight); Mariana (Pássaro Verde, R$21, two hours, eight daily from 6am to 11pm); Ouro Prêto (Pássaro Verde, R$19, two hours, nine daily from 7am to 8:15pm); Rio de Janeiro (Cometa and Útil, R$56, 6½ hours, 12 daily from 8am to 12:30am); Salvador (Gontijo and São Geraldo, R$161, 22 hours, two daily at 6pm and 7pm); São João del Rei (Sandra, R$33, 3½ hours, five daily from 8:30am to 7pm); São Paulo (Cometa, R$72, 8½ hours, 12 daily from 7:45am to midnight); Serro (R$56, five to six hours, four daily); Vitória (São Geraldo and Itapemirim, R$75, eight to 12 hours, 10 daily from 8:15am to 11:45pm).

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Belo Horizonte has two airports. Most planes use the international Aeroporto Confins (CNF; 40km north). The Aeroporto da Pampulha (PLU; 7km north) is much more convenient but only has ­domestic flights.

Flights from the two airports serve most locations in Brazil. The most frequent destinations are Rio, Brasília, Vitória and São Paulo. A full list of airline offices, with phone numbers, appears in the back of the free ­Belotur guide.

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Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (3273 5976; www.cvrd.com.br/cvrd/media/horarios.xls) operates a daily train to Vitória in Espírito Santo state (regular/exe­cutivo class R$39/60, 13 hours), departing at 7:30am from the train station at Praça da Estação, just north of Parque Municipal.

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