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Introducing Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara, known to its many friends simply as ‘Jeri,’ magnetizes travelers with its perfect combination of hard-to-reach location (access is only by unpaved tracks through the dunes), stunning coastal scenery, exciting activities, good-value pousadas and restaurants, and fun nightlife. The village’s sandy streets are wedged between a broad beach, a series of grassy hills and the majestic Pôr do Sol (Sunset) dune, a towering mountain of sand that affords one of South America’s most stunning sunsets. It is here each evening that Jeri’s allure climaxes: a crowd swells – drinks in hand from an enterprising local with a cocktail cart – to what is allegedly one of the earth's few locations where you can see the rare phenomenon known as the ‘Emerald Sunset,’ when the tip of the setting sun turns bright green for the final instant before it slides below the horizon. Bring your camera!

Jericoacoara's isolated position, inside a far-flung national park at the top edge of the country, is unique. Hopefully the new Jericoacoara airport, 30km away in Cruz municipality – possibly opening in 2014 – will not lead to a transformation that shatters its otherwordly allure. The airport is at least well outside the national park.

Jeri itself is closed to unauthorized vehicles, though there is still more traffic than there should be. The main streets (of sand) run parallel to each other, westward towards the beach. In the middle is Rua Principal. To the north are Rua do Forró (where buses arrive) and then Rua da Igreja (also called Rua da Matriz); to the south (the dune side) are Rua São Francisco and Rua das Dunas.