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Introducing Santa Catarina

Life’s a beach. Certainly that’s true in sunny Santa Catarina, which boasts 560km of spectacular coastline.

If you like your beach deserted, there is a spot of sand for you in the south of Ilha de Santa Catarina. If you prefer a party scene, head further north on that same island. Crave the life aquatic? You’ll find excellent snorkeling and diving at Praia Bombinhas. If you’re all about big surf, take your pick from any number of beaches south of Florianópolis.

While beaches might be the main draw, there is more to this southern state than sun and sand. Running parallel to the coast, the Serra Geral offers cool temperatures and stunning mountain scenery, promising rewarding hiking and horseback riding.

The inland regions are also where Santa Catarina exhibits the profound influence of its German ancestry. It is most evident during Oktoberfest, Blumenau’s huge festival for folk dancing, accordion playing and beer drinking. But the Alpine architecture and fresh-brewed beer are here to enjoy year-round.

Like the other southern states, Santa Catarina enjoys some of Brazil’s highest standards of living. The state’s prosperity means that its infrastructure is sound and the people are welcoming.

Keep in mind that, on the coast, crowds and prices go up with the temperature. Visit outside of January and February to avoid the craziness and costliness of summer in Santa Catarina.