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Rio de Janeiro

Getting there & away




Buses leave from the Rodoviária Novo Rio (Novo Rio Bus Station; 3213 1800; www.novorio.com.br; Av Francisco Bicalho, São Cristóvão), about 2km northwest of Centro. Several buses depart daily to most major destinations, but it’s best to buy tickets in advance. Some travel agencies in the city sell bus tickets. If you’re in Centro, try Dantur Passagens (2262 3424; downstairs, Store 134, Av Rio Branco 156, Centro; 10am-5pm Mon-Fri).

If you arrive in Rio by bus, it’s a good idea to take a taxi to your hotel, as the bus station is in a seedy area. To arrange a cab, go to the small booth near the Riotur desk, on the 1st floor of the bus station. Average fares are R$35 to the international airport and R$30 to Copacabana or Ipanema.

In addition to destinations below, buses leave Novo Rio every 30 minutes or so for São Paulo (R$57 to R$74, six hours) operated by Viação 1001 (4004 5001) and Itapemirim (0800 723 2121).

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Most flights depart from Aeroporto Galeão (also called Aeroporto António Carlos Jobim), 15km north of the center. Some flights to/from São Paulo and other nearby cities use Aeroporto Santos Dumont, in the city center. Many international airlines have offices on or near Av Rio Branco, Centro.

Gol (0800 701 2131; www.voegol.com.br; Aeroporto Galeão, Aeroporto Santos Dumont) All travel agents sell Gol tickets.

TAM (3212 9300; www.tam.com.br; Av Rio Branco 245, Centro)

Varig (2510 6650; www.varig.com.br; Av Rio Branco 277, Centro)

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