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Flights to Bolivia

The best price found from United States to Bolivia is on June 6th, 2015, travelling with Avianca. See more options, compare prices and book: search flights.

New York John F. Kennedy
from $455.00
Santa Cruz Viru Viru

Getting around by air

Only a few US and European airlines offer direct flights to Bolivia, so airfares are high. There are direct services to most major South American cities and the flights to/from Chile and Peru are the cheapest. Santa Cruz is an increasingly popular entry point from Western European hubs. Due to altitude-related costs, it is more expensive to fly into La Paz than Santa Cruz. High season for most fares is from early June to late August, and from mid-December to mid-February.

Airports & Airlines

Bolivia’s principal international airports are La Paz’s El Alto International Airport (LPB), formerly known as John F Kennedy Memorial, and Santa Cruz’s Viru-Viru International (VVI).

The bigger airlines operate international flights and have offices in La Paz.


Ticket prices in this chapter do not include taxes or fuel levies, which can significantly increase air travel costs. Save money by using online aggregators and deal sites or make a cost-saving flight/land connection via Lima, Cuzco, Santiago or Buenos Aires.

Round the World (RTW) Tickets

Round-the-world (RTW) tickets can be real bargains if you are traveling to South America from the other side of the world. Generally put together by airline alliances, RTW tickets allow you a limited period (usually a year) in which to circumnavigate the globe.

An alternative to a RTW ticket is one put together by a travel agent. These tickets are more expensive than airline RTW fares, but you get to choose your itinerary.

Travel agents can also combine tickets from two low-cost airlines to offer multidestination fares that are cheaper than a RTW ticket and allow for two stops on the way to and from South America.

Some online sites offer intercontinental tickets.

Australia & New Zealand

Travel between Australasia and South America isn't cheap, so it makes sense to consider a RTW ticket or travel via Buenos Aires or Santiago. Round-trip fares from Sydney to La Paz via Auckland and Santiago start at about A$2500/3000 return in low/high season. Fares via the US are considerably more expensive, starting at about A$3200 return in low season. RTW tickets including La Paz start at about A$3300. The most direct routes are from Sydney to Santiago on LAN/Qantas, or to Buenos Aires with Qantas/LAN and Aerolíneas Argentinas.

Destination Holidays and South American Travel Centre specialize in Latin American travel.

Continental Europe

The best places in Europe for cheap airfares are student travel agencies (you don’t have to be a student to use them) and online aggregators.

Some fares include a stopover in the USA. Note that passengers traveling through New York (JFK) or Miami must pass through American immigration procedures, even if they aren't visiting the USA. That means you’ll either need to have a US visa or be eligible for the Visa Waiver Program, which is open to Australians, New Zealanders and most Western Europeans, unless they’re traveling on a non-accredited airline (which include most Latin American airlines).

By the time you read this, BOA's planned daily service from La Paz to Madrid should be up and running.

South America

BOA connects La Paz to Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires several times a week. Aerolíneas Argentinas flies daily between Santa Cruz and Buenos Aires, and Varig-Gol Airlines flies between Santa Cruz and Rio de Janeiro (among other destinations). At the time of writing, Amaszonas was planning a daily service between Cuzco and La Paz.

LanChile connects La Paz with Santiago daily and there are connecting flights to Iquique. Brazilian-owned TAM connects Asuncíon with Santa Cruz. LanPeru flies from La Paz to Cuzco (often via Lima) daily.

The UK

From London, all flights go via the USA or other South American countries. Save money by booking online or with a RTW ticket. Expect to pay from about £400 one-way in the low season. RTW tickets from London that take in South America (Santiago and Rio de Janeiro) start from about £1400.

London-based South American specialists include Journey Latin America and Western & Oriental.

The USA & Canada

Tickets from North American gateways usually have restrictions. Often there’s a two-week advance-purchase requirement, and you must usually stay at least one week and no longer than three months (prices can double for longer periods). Departures from Miami offer the cheapest options.

Save money online and through specialty deal-watcher sites like travelzoo, groupon, kayak or price alerts. Look for agencies that specialize in South America, such as eXito.

Most flights from Canada involve connecting via a US gateway such as Miami or Los Angeles.

Departure Tax

Departure taxes vary according to the airport and destination. All are payable at the airport (either at the counter or a separate window) and are not included in ticket prices. Domestic departure taxes range from B$11–15. International departure tax is US$25. Some airports also levy a municipal tax of up to B$7.