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Introducing Lake Titicaca

A visit to the world’s largest high-altitude lake feels like a journey to the top of the world. Everything – and everyone – that sits beside this impressive body of water, from the traditional Aymará villages to the glacier-capped peaks of the Cordillera Real, seems to fall into the background as the singularity, power and sheer gravity of the lake draws all eyes. It is not hard to see how Inca legends came to credit Lake Titicaca with the birth of their civilization.

Set between Peru and Bolivia at 3808m, the 8400 sq km lake offers enough activities to keep you busy for at least a week. There are trips to the many islands that speckle the shoreline, hikes to lost coves and floating islands, parties in the tourist hub of Copacabana and chance encounters with locals that will provide new insight into the culture and traditions of one of Bolivia’s top attractions.