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Introducing Northern Belize

Many travelers save a chunk of change by flying into Cancun and busing or driving down to their final destination. Passing through the flat farmland and provincial towns of Northern Belize, they may not be inspired to linger.

But what are they missing? This is a chilled-out stretch of Belize that is entirely void of crowds, with unbeaten paths, abundant wildlife and prices a fraction of those in the rest of Belize.

Northern Belize comprises two districts: Corozal and Orange Walk, both traversed by the straight, flat Northern Hwy. Off the main road, adventurous travelers will find pretty fishing villages, pristine jungles, ancient Maya cities and anachronistic Mennonite communities.

Then there's the food. Exhibiting influences from Mexico, Northern Belizean cuisine is more diverse and more daring than its southern counterpart. If you're ready to trade rice and beans for seafood ceviche, you've come to the right place.