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Rajshahi & Rangpur

Introducing Rajshahi & Rangpur

The rich soils of northwest Bangladesh once held court for powerful Buddhist kingdoms and neutered Hindu empires before falling easily to the embrace of Islam. And all three religions have left their mark in the tumbledown walls of the many ruins that litter this region.

Small villages, colourful markets and remote communities living on fast-eroding sand islands all add to the allure of a trip to this part of the country, but it’s the historical narrative that excites the most. Rajshahi and Rangpur contain some of Bangladesh’s finest rajbaris (Raj-era palaces), its most exquisitely decorated temples and its largest and most impressive Buddhist ruins. The idyllic rural backdrop to the rest of the country is found here too, but chances are it will be the decaying, moss-hewn ancient architecture that steals the attentions of your camera.