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Introducing Karijini National Park

Arguably one of WA's most magnificent destinations, Karijini National Park reveals itself slowly. Ragged ranges, upthrust and twisted by nature, glow in the setting sun. Wedge-tailed eagles soar above grey-green spinifex and goannas shelter under stunted mulga. Kangaroos and wildflowers dot the plains, criss-crossed by deep, dark chasms emitting the enticing sound of distant water.

While the narrow, breathtaking gorges, with their hidden, sculptured pools are Karijini's biggest drawcard, the park is also home to a wide variety of fauna and flora, with an estimated 800 plant species, including some 50 varieties of wattle (acacia). Dragon lizards scurry over stones, rock wallabies cling to sheer cliffs and endangered olive pythons lurk on the far side of pools. The park also contains WA's three highest peaks: Mt Meharry, Mt Bruce and Mt Frederick.

Banyjima Dr, the park's main thoroughfare, connects with Karijini Dr at two entrance stations. The eastern access is sealed to the visitor centre and Dales Gorge, while the rest of the park is unsealed. Take extra care driving as tourist rollovers are common. Avoid driving at night.

Choose walks wisely, dress appropriately and never enter a restricted area without a certified guide. Avoid the gorges during and after rain, as flash flooding does occur.