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Introducing Cape York Peninsula

Rugged and remote Cape York Peninsula has one of the wildest tropical environments on the planet. The Great Dividing Range forms the spine of the cape, with tropical rainforests and palm-fringed beaches on its eastern flanks and sweeping savannah woodlands, eucalypt forests and coastal mangroves on its west. This untamed landscape undergoes an amazing transformation each year when the torrential rains and flooded rivers of the monsoonal ‘wet season’ form vast wetlands that isolate the region.

The overland pilgrimage to the tip of Australia is one of the greatest 4WD routes on the continent, an exhilarating trek into Australia’s last great frontier. The challenge of rough corrugated roads, difficult creek crossings and croc-infested rivers is part of the adventure, the cape’s rich bird life and untouched wilderness its reward.

Avoid the wet season (November to March), when heavy rains can close roads for lengthy periods. The best time to visit is early in the dry season, generally from the beginning of June, when days are warm and evenings are cool.