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Introducing The Gran Chaco

The Gran Chaco is a vast alluvial lowland, stretching north from the northern edges of Santa Fe and Córdoba provinces, across the entire provinces of Chaco and Formosa, and into Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil. It reaches west through most of Santiago del Estero province, drying up as it goes, and skirts the southeastern edge of Salta province. The western side, known as the Chaco Seco (Dry Chaco), has been dubbed the Impenetrable, due to its severe lack of water across an endless plain of nearly impassable thorn scrub.

Crossing the Gran Chaco from Formosa to Salta along the northern RN 81 is brutal and can take nearly two days; RN 16 from Resistencia is much faster.

Deforestation continues apace in the Chaco, with vast areas being cleared to plant soya, of which Argentina is now one of the world’s major producers. This has seriously affected Toba tribes, whose traditional environment is being destroyed.