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Coastal Patagonia/Argentina

Introducing Coastal Patagonia

Patagonia’s cavorting right whales, penguin colonies and traditional Welsh settlements are all accessed by Argentina’s coastal RN 3. While this paved road takes in some fascinating maritime history, it also travels long yawning stretches of landscape that blur the horizon like a never-ending blank slate. It’s also a favored travel route for oversized trucks on long-haul trips.

Wildlife enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the world-renowned Península Valdés, the continent’s largest Magellanic penguin colonies at Área Natural Protegida Punta Tombo, and Ría Deseado’s diverse seabird population. The quiet villages of Puerto San Julián and Camarones make for quiet seaside retreats, while Gaiman tells the story of Welsh settlement through a lazy afternoon of tea and cakes.