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Introducing Mar Del Plata

Four hundred kilometers from Buenos Aires lies Mar del Plata (‘Mardel’), the premier Argentine beach destination for porteños. If you end up here on a summer weekend, you’ll be guaranteed to say ‘Wow, this beach is crowded.’ There might be a couple of places where you could get in a few swimming strokes without taking somebody’s eye out, but mostly it’s shoulder-to-shoulder, sun-frazzled bodies. After spending a few days on its comically packed sands, watching street performers on the beachside Plaza Colón or exploring the wonders of the port, however, you might get the sense of adoration that the country feels for this place.

During the week, and especially outside of summer, the crowds disperse, hotel prices drop and the place takes on a more relaxed feel. Out-of-season visitors will find that Mardel is a large city with plenty of attractions other than its beach.

Rivadavia becomes a pedestrian street only during the summer months; San Martín is always pedestrian.