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Money & costs




In just the last year or so ATMs connected to the major international networks have appeared in towns and cities everywhere, which makes travel here much easier. The main networks are Raiffeisen Bank, American Bank of Albania, Pro Credit Bank and Tirana Bank.

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Credit cards

Only the larger hotels and travel agencies accept credit cards, and in only a handful of establishments outside Tirana. Major banks can offer credit-card advances.

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Every town has its currency market, which usually operates on the street in front of the main post office or state bank. Such transactions are not dangerous or illegal and it all takes place quite openly, but do make sure you count the money twice before tendering yours. The advantages are that you get a good rate and avoid the 1% bank commission. There are currency exchange businesses in major towns, usually open 8am to 6pm, and closed on Sundays.

The euro and the US dollars are the favourite foreign currencies. You will not be able to change Albanian lekë outside the country, so exchange them or spend them before you leave.

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