Shopping in Venezuela

  • Shopping in Cumaná

    Tabaqueria La Cumanesa

    Cumaná is renowned for its export-quality cigars, and at this company, founded in 1893, you can stroll the factory and watch the workers sort and hand-roll the 13 varieties. All save one are made from Venezuelan-grown tobacco; the cabreras are a milder smoke and the tierra firme have the strongest flavor. Packets of five cost BsF65 to BsF150, and boxes of 25 run from BsF90 to a cool BsF740 for the luxurious Presidentes. Look for the 'Cabrera' sign.

  • Shopping in Caracas


    To pick up the obligatory hammocks, papier-mâché devil masks or stuffed piranhas, check out the biggest craft shop of them all at Hannsi, in El Hatillo, one of the best souvenirs shops you’ll see. The massive store is divided by region and 20% of its inventory represents neighboring countries.

  • Shopping in San Francisco de Yare

    Artesanía Morgado

    Artesanía Morgado, one block down from the museum, is run by noted local artisan Juan Morgado – a ‘living Unesco site, ’ as he calls himself – and a mask maker since 1963. Knock on the entrance door around the corner on Calle Santa Eduviges if it appears closed.

  • Shopping in Mérida


    The best CD shop in town. Run by friendly Argentinean and Uruguayan staff, it has a wide choice of Latin rhythms, Venezuelan gaita and joropo, jazz and classics, and you can listen to it while sipping coffee from the small café at the back.

  • Shopping in San Francisco de Yare

    Artesanía el Mocho

    You can stop by workshops manufacturing devil masks to see the production process and buy masks at good rates. Artesanía El Mocho, led by Manuel Sanoja, is two blocks down from the museum, above the small Bodega San Antonio.

  • Shopping in Caracas

    Comercial Carrillo

    For legitimately produced CDs (rather than the pirated versions that abound on the streets), try the small but well-crammed Comercial Carrillo, with a voluminous collection of Venezuelan folk and other styles from around the Caribbean.

  • Shopping in The Northwest

    Centro de Acopio Artesanal

    This is one of the best places to see (and buy) crafts. The center stocks crafts made in Quíbor and in the nearby towns and villages, such as Tintorero, Guadalupe, Cubiro and Sanare. It is situated 1km south-east of Quíbor.

  • Shopping in Caracas

    Casa Curuba

    Stunning wares here, all fashioned from exotic hardwoods. The high-quality stock includes beautiful picture frames, boxes and bowls, especially from the state of Lara. The spot for a discerning gift or souvenir.

  • Shopping in Caracas

    Centro Artesanal Los Goajiros

    A below-street-level corridor of stalls just west of Plaza Chacaíto offers a mixed-bag of Orinoco crafts (woven hammocks and bags, carved blowguns, musical instruments) and hippie gear (Rasta caps, Guatemalan wallets).

  • Shopping in Puerto Colombia

    Coco Café Cacao

    A small family-run shop on the corner of Plaza Bolívar selling milk chocolates wrapped in colorful recycled government pamphlets, chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate and brownies.

  • Shopping in Mérida

    Mercado Artesanal

    This small, arty crafts market sits just opposite the Parque Las Heroínas, near the teleférico, and is home to a dozen stalls selling arts and crafts.

  • Shopping in Punto Fijo

    Hotel El Cid

    This amazing one-stop shop has everything you might need – a glitzy internet cafe, telephone cabinas, a groovy bar and restaurant, and even a disco.

  • Shopping in Caracas

    Artesanía Altamira

    A veritable profusion of basket work is to be found here, along with other assorted knickknacks – the kind we all buy and ask ourselves ‘Why?’ later.

  • Shopping in Caracas

    Dulces Criollos

    The sweet-toothed will have a field day in this traditional candy store on the plaza, which sells gooey cakes, jellied fruits and other local confections.

  • Shopping in Boconó

    Paseo Artesanal Fabricio Ojeda

    Down the road from the Ateneo is the Paseo Artesanal Fabricio Ojeda, a craft market featuring a collection of craft stands.

  • Shopping in Mérida

    Cumbre Azul

    If you just need outdoor equipment, not a guide or a tour, check Cumbre Azul, which specializes in rental.

  • Shopping in Caracas

    Centro Comercial Chacaíto

    One of Caracas' older, more established shopping complexes, alongside a bustling plaza with still more malls.

  • Shopping in Caracas

    El Buscón

    Browse-worthy store with strong selection of Venezuelan literature (in Spanish), plus some English novels.