Drinking and nightlife in Venezuela

  • Nightlife in Mérida

    Mojitos Cafe

    Perhaps El Ché would not have appreciated this for-profit venture, but the red-juice-and-white-rum drink named in his honor is a wicked capitalist delight, as is the house specialty, the mojito. Get your revolution on in this two-story salute to Papa Fidel’s island. It’s just a 150m walk to the bus terminal, across from Parque de los Ninos and is perfect for recovery from, or preparation for, a long trip!

  • Nightlife in Caracas

    La Terraza del Ateneo

    The breezy, upstairs terrace of the Ateneo cultural center, La Terraza del Ateneo, becomes an after-hours gathering place for a diverse, arts-minded crowd in the mood for relaxed conversation and off-the-wall music. Meanwhile downstairs, the Café Rajatabla, adjacent to the famous experimental theater of the same name, is an even more laid-back, open-air affair frequented by performing arts types.

  • Nightlife in Caracas

    360° Roof Bar

    This incredible open-air lounge atop the Altamira Suites attracts member of Caracas' glitzy crowd, who come to chill out on hammocks and sofas in the 19th-floor restaurant and sip cocktails over startling panoramic views of the city. Access is through the hotel’s rear entrance on 1A Av – you'll be subjected to a coolness size-up. Go on a clear night.

  • Nightlife in Mérida

    Café Calypso

    This mild-mannered shopping center cafe has a secret identity. By day, it’s a tranquil coffee bar. Come back at night, though, and Mr Hyde emerges, when international DJs freak it up with the techno and the barman serves up some of the tastiest caipirinhas and mojitos in town. Open till 3am, and sometimes later, the Calypso rarely fills up before midnight.

  • Nightlife in Caracas


    Nouveau-vintage Malabar is one of the most sophisticated choices in Las Mercedes. Down a long hallway that heads behind the seemingly closed daytime-only restaurant of the same name, you’ll find the jet set sipping classy cocktails and nibbling on Ital-Asian fusion on a gorgeous terraced seating arrangement split down the middle by a cascading, Zen-like stream.

  • Nightlife in Caracas

    Birras Pub & Café

    Almost deviant in its lack of security, Birras is a rough-around-the-edges pavement bar at street level, totally exposed to the realities of sundown Caracas – no foliage fences or palm walls to hide behind here. Revelers flood its haphazardly-strewn plastic tables, where the Polars and Soleras pile up into the wee hours, but without fuss over class or status.

  • Nightlife in Mérida

    Alfredo’s Bar

    This bar competes for the cheapest beer in Venezuela, and at prices like these (about BsF4 per bottle) plenty of people come to dance, or just watch baseball. The large outdoor area at the back pumps the reggaetón (fusion of music styles including hip-hop and reggae) to the stars, and a smaller front lounge swings with salsa and merengue.

  • Nightlife in Caracas

    El Sarao

    A longstanding destination for middle-class rumberos, this massive, subterranean space provides a continuous flow of rum, copious plasma TVs, great live music and enough wicker furniture to fashion an apocalyptic ark. The BsF70 is recoupable in drinks and is often waived for tourists. Access is through the parking garage.

  • Nightlife in Caracas


    This cozy wine bar feels as if you’re drinking in a wine crate. The vino is concentrated on Europe and South America, with oddly little by the glass; accompaniments range from Spanish tapas to heartier fare such as coq au vin to an ample cheese menu. Lots of space for single travelers to mingle but service is irritating.

  • Nightlife in Mérida

    Birosca Carioca

    As its Facebook page says, ‘if you’re someone who hates reggaetón, this is your place.’ It plays plenty of ska, rock and reggae, and occasionally hosts live music events. The student crowd forgoes glassware in favor of bright-blue plastic sand-castle buckets – try not to lose track of which straw is yours.

  • Nightlife in Caracas


    There is Japanese fusion at this trendy, bi-level restaurant, but it’s all about rubbing elbows with the cornucopia of hotness that permeates the bar at this Altamira hotspot, full of Caracas movers, shakers, and those that look so good, it hardly matters if they just stand still – there’s no room to move, anyway.

  • Nightlife in Porlamar


    Ripping off the US sitcom’s logo and identity is this surprisingly pleasant restaurant-bar with a dark pub atmosphere, good food and a great U-shaped bar. The decor is one of tasteful wood and brick, along with sports on the TV. It’s on the 2nd floor.

  • Top ChoiceNightlife in Maracaibo

    Ateneo Pop

    With film projections on the wall, fabulous DJ sets and everyone downing pizzas (BsF42 to BsF90) and buckets of icy beer, this hip roof terrace beer-garden is a funky place to chill out under the stars. Two beers included when there's a cover.

  • Nightlife in Cumaná

    Bar Restaurant Jardín Sport

    The locals’ favorite for chatting the day away is this informal open-air bar in a courtyard off Plaza Bolívar. It has a few pool tables in back and serves inexpensive snacks, but it’s the cheap beer that keeps punters returning for more.

  • Nightlife in Caracas

    Greenwich Pub

    This supposedly English pub (No lager? No English speakers? No shepherd’s pie?) is small, dark and dungeony, with a rock-and-roll attitude. The crowd gets progressively younger and the music more up-to-date as the weekend draws near.

  • Nightlife in Maracaibo

    Bahia Rastabar

    DJs spin trendy reggae and reggaetón in this youthful bar, conveniently across the street from Los Soles Restaurant. Outdoor tables are more relaxed, and what’s not to like about a bar that has drinks like ‘Mango Funk’?

  • Nightlife in Valencia

    Bar 21

    It’s mostly standing room-only at this box-shaped bar teeming with youngish wannabe players, their chicas and an oddly eclectic mix otherwise fighting for legroom due to some serious space issues.

  • Nightlife in Canaima

    Bar Morichal

    This is as raucous as Canaima's nightlife gets: a pleasant bar with a spectacular view of the waterfalls on the lagoon where locals and tourists alike gather at sundown to drink cold beers and cocktails.

  • Nightlife in Caracas


    Sexy Moroccan souk meets Karma Sutra chic at this dark and sultry bar full of patrons sipping creative cocktails like melon mojitos, orgasmartinis and tangerinhas. DJs spin nightly.

  • Nightlife in Barinas

    El Emperador

    Packed on weekends, this is the biggest party in the center. It also offers a peaceful, wood-paneled side bar for a quiet drink, and parrilla (mixed grill) at lunchtime during the week.