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As scenery and wildlife goes, this drive is absolutely stunning – you'll pass vast blankets of tundra and may spot grazing herds of caribou. Enjoy the views, because the road itself, though passable in a standard car, is slow going. Expect to average 30mph, taking six hours from end to end. Watch out for potholes and stretches of 'washboard' road if it's been raining.

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Denali Self-Guided Jeep Adventure

Avoid busses and crowds by taking the wheel of a Jeep Renegade to explore Denali on your terms! It’s part Jeep rental, part personal tour, and 100% fun! You choose your destination, stop when and where you want, and never feel rushed. The Denali region has one of the most majestic landscapes on Earth—Lush valleys carved during the last Ice Age, tremendous mountains that reach for the sky, glacier-fed whitewater rivers, and world-renown wildlife viewing, creating a synergy that captivates and astonishes around every twist of the road!More than just a car rental, this Jeep excursion gives you the ability to get off the beaten path in a rugged vehicle designed for weather-proof safety and comfort. Our late model GPS-equipped 4x4 Jeep Renegades have 4 doors and can seat up to 5 guests.You will receive a map and souvenir guide book which details the historic roadways, local attractions, and unique points of interest. There are several different routes we can suggest based on your personal interests, but you have the freedom to make your own as well! Our team of experts will share their local knowledge to make sure you make the most of your limited time in Denali!A few popular options:Denali Park Road:Instead of the big bus tours, explore the park your way! Take a selfie at the park sign, explore the Denali National Park Visitor Center, tour historic buildings, venture down hiking trails, and visit the park’s own sled dogs at the Denali kennels. Traversing the  the entire accessible road to the Savage River affords views of Denali (Mount McKinley) as well as frequent sightings of moose, caribou, bears, and a myriad of other critters. Expect a 40 mile round trip which allows extra time for exploring the park’s attractions.The Denali Highway:Before the “new” highway between Anchorage and Fairbanks was finished in the 1970’s, the Denali Highway stretching from Paxson to Cantwell was the only way to reach Denali National Park by road. Still just a seldom-traveled gravel roadway today, it is renowned for picturesque alpine landscapes and untouched wilderness. This scenic byway was recently ranked #2 worldwide as the “Drive of a Lifetime” by National Geographic Traveler magazine. Besides the ability to view Denali (Mount McKinley) from numerous points, travelers will likely see wildlife along the route. Expect an 80 mile round trip.Mining History:Driving north winds you through 10 miles of Nenana River Canyon and across the highway’s highest bridge, known as the Windy Bridge. Around the town of Healy, the region’s mining history emerges. To the east, you’ll see the Usibelli Coal Mine, the only active coal mine in Alaska. Just beyond is the Stampede Road, a historic mining trail, this is the setting for the true-life novel, “Into the Wild.” Round trip about 50 miles.

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Private Multi-Day Denali Camping and Hiking Trip

Alpine Trails Trek: The remote camps will be cached ahead of time. Walk from place to place with a minimum of gear. Cooking equipment, tents, sleeping pads, and all food and drink except spirits are provided. Carrying only personal gear, move about and enjoy your time. Upon arrival at camp, this trip gives travelers the time to enjoy the views, watch and listen to the very thing most people come to see in Alaska-wilderness. Day 1: The walk takes approximately 7-9 hours to access the first camp, and involves over two thousand feet of elevation gain. There are creek crossings where the walking is more difficult. It still is a rare opportunity to do it without the heavy camping gear, and is a lot of fun. The trek will begin in the Boreal Forest, and slowly ascends until reaching the first camp. The view above treeline is spectacular, and a wonderful reward for a hearty day's walk. Day 2: The walking is much easier on the tundra. Explore above the treeline and follow game trails past old beaver lakes, following the footsteps of caribou, Dall sheep, and grizzly bears. With luck, you may have opportunities to observe wildlife as they traverse the tundra. Maclaren Glacier Hike and Packraft Trek: All back-country meals and certain gear are provided, but all group gear and food will be divided amongst participants and guide to be carried to base camp. This is a truly unique experience in the Alaska Range. Day 1: You will travel the remote Denali Highway to the Maclaren River Lodge, then prepare to travel upstream via jetboat on the glacial Maclaren River. Ten miles upstream, you will begin your hike. This is a challenging walk based on the amount of gear being carried for the trip. Base camp will be on "Big Rock" with amazing views of the Maclaren Glacier and surrounding mountains. Day 2: You will leave the gear at base camp and walk all day to reach the toe of the Maclaren Glacier. If conditions are safe and favorable, you may get to take a walk on the glacier. In the Maclaren Valley, you may have the opportunity to see caribou, river otters, grizzly bears, moose and eagles. In the evening, hike back to base camp for a hearty meal. Day 3: This day will consist of packrafting back to the Maclaren River Lodge. The Maclaren River is a great experience for beginner packrafters. When you reach the lodge, you'll have the option for a hot lunch before traveling back on the Denali Highway. Tents, cooking gear, food and sleeping pads are provided on these tours. There are also packs and sleeping bags available if you do not have your own. Note: These tours require a minimum of 4 people to book.

$3899 Classic

Highlights of Alaska

A vast, rugged land of jaw-dropping beauty and abundant wildlife, Alaska remains America’s last truly unconquered frontier. Up to the challenge? This 15-day adventure will put you in touch with one massive state more than you’d imagined possible, mixing hotel stays with cabins typical of the Alaskan frontier. Along the way, you’ll sample amazingly fresh seafood in Anchorage, hike Denali National Park, investigate glaciers, and be blown away by the awesome majesty of your surroundings. Prepare to have your horizons expanded tenfold.

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Alaska Camping Adventure

Glistening tidal glaciers and majestic mountains are sure to capture your hearts and camera lenses on this 14-day camping adventure that gets you out of the tourist bubble and into the Great Outdoors. Spot an incredible array of wildlife among national parks, be charmed by historic towns enveloped in stunning scenery (Snow-capped peaks! Lush evergreens!), and camp in the remote Alaskan wilderness under a blanket of stars so thick that you can feel the curvature of the earth. You’ll soon understand and appreciate why Alaska is the only state to proudly depict a constellation on its flag.

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Camping in Scenic Alaska and Denali

Lace up your hiking boots, charge up those camera batteries, and stoke your adventurous spirit. This nine-day Alaskan tour is made for active nature lovers that know the best way to experience a destination is getting intimate with the land. Go kayaking in the coastal town of Valdez, camp under the stars in the remote Alaskan wilderness, and hike among wildlife and incredible scenery in Denali National Park. Do it all with a small group of worldly wanderers that share your desire to venture off the beaten path.