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Roll in on an airplane or a ferry, and you’ll find yourself disgorged into an eccentric little fishing village where everyone knows everyone else, patrons prop up grimy bars in yellow oilskins, and no one gives a hoot about image or pretense.

Outside its gritty harbor, Cordova has a network of clearly marked trails beloved by locals, one of America’s dinkiest ski areas, incredible bird-watching potential and a festival dedicated to ice worms.

Within an hour of docking and landing, you’ll quickly ascertain that this town has yet to sell its soul to tourism. All the more reason to visit today.

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Private Walking Tour of the Patios of San Basilio in Cordoba

We will start at the meeting point, at the corner of the gardened zone located at the entrance of the Alcazar of the Christian Kings (Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos). The guided route could start at one hour of the following sessions(10:00a.m. - 12:00p.m - 17:30p.m. at Spring/Summer and 17:30 at Autumn/Winter) From there you will start entering at the San Basilio Neighborhood, the Old Neighborhood of the Cordovan Patios. You will know the past of the neighborhood, why it was created and the mysteries hidden of the names of its streets. Inside this neighborhood there is our first stop, the "Patio de la Muralla" the Patio of the City Wall, this wonderful Patio is unique in the entire city, having inside it a part of the old city wall made by the Arab with an age of 8 centuries. Also you could delight inside it looking how the plants and the flowers pots surround the every corner of the Patio and hearing the stories of the families who lived there.The second stop will be a few meters down the street of San Basilio, The "Patio de la Costurera", the patio os the seamstress. This little old patio is a restored jewel of Córdoba. The narrow corridor full of flowers seams to be like a huge waterfall of flowers. Also you can visit inside this Patio an Ethnographic Museum related to the history of the Kitchen.Meanwhile you could taste in the quietness of this Patio a wine testing surrounded by flowers and the magical spirit of the city of Cordova. There are no experience like that in the whole city. A pleasure for the senses an a soul cleaning.The third Patio that you will see, its the Patio of the Friendship Association. This patio could be the more known one due to its stairs located in the middle of it. Its color blue and its arquitecture will make you enjoy the most.The last stop will bring you to the old city center called "La Judería", to the one of the most mystic street "Calle Judios". There you will see the beautiful patio of "La Sultana" filled of mystery.What are you waiting for?