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A Greek colony called Sesamos Amastris (mentioned by Homer) was established here by the 6th century BC, and perhaps earlier. The Byzantines held Amasra as part of the Pontic kingdom, but rented the port to the Genoese as a trading station from 1270 until 1460, when Mehmet the Conqueror took it without a fight. Under Ottoman rule, Amasra lost its commercial importance to other Black Sea ports, and today it's a laid-back and very attractive spot to relax.

Restaurants and bars can be found on both Büyük Liman (Big Harbour) to the east and prettier Küçük Liman (Little Harbour) to the west; most accommodation is closer to the former. The statue in the square overlooking Küçük Liman is of Turkish rock star Barış Akarsu, a much-loved local boy who died in a car accident at age 28 in 2007.

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