Plan to spend a few hours at this former royal palace, now home to the Somdet Phra Narai National Museum, which houses excellent displays of local history. Built starting in 1665 with help from French and Italian engineers, the palace was used to welcome foreign dignitaries. It was abandoned after King Narai's death, but reclaimed by King Rama IV and the main displays, covering the 3500 years of the province's known history, are in his residence.

Many of King Rama IV's belongings are on display on the 3rd floor. Next door are displays in memory of King Narai and out back are the Phra Pratiap Buildings (used primarily by queens, consorts and other women who travelled with the king), some of which have displays of handicrafts and home and farm tools still used in modern times.

After seeing the museum displays, take some time to roam the manicured palace grounds full of trees and ruins, including King Narai's elephant stables and a banquet room for receiving foreign visitors.

Enter through Pratu Phayakkha gate on Th Sorasak.