Must-see attractions in Valencia Province

  • Historical Xativa Castle at sunset in the Valencia region of Spain.

    Castillo de Xàtiva

    Valencia Province

    Xàtiva’s castle, which clasps to the summit of a double-peaked hill overlooking the old town, is arguably the most evocative and interesting in the…

  • Jetties in the Pujol gola of the albufera of Valencia, Spain.

    Mirador El Pujol

    Valencia Province

    Though no secret, this viewpoint – a boat dock with jetties extending into the principal lagoon of the Albufera – is still a magical place. It's a handy…

  • Palacio Ducal dels Borja

    Valencia Province

    Gandia’s magnificent palace was built in the early 1300s and was for centuries the home of the Borja dukes of Gandia, who included the Jesuit saint…

  • Castillo de Sagunto

    Valencia Province

    Sagunto's castle is majestically located, with stone walls girdling a twin hilltop for almost 1km. Its seven rambling, mostly ruinous sections each speak…

  • Albufera Natural Park (El Parque Natural de la Albufera de Valencia).

    Parque Natural de la Albufera

    Valencia Province

    La Albufera is a huge freshwater lagoon separated from the sea by a narrow strip of pine-forested dunes. It's legendary for the rice that's grown here. It…

  • Centro de Interpretación Racó de l'Olla

    Valencia Province

    This interpretation centre is the gateway to a sizeable lagoon and has some information on the park ecosystem, a short walking path, a tower you can climb…

  • Cuevas de la Villa

    Valencia Province

    Within the intestines of Plaza Albornoz is a network of interlinked cellars, once used as storerooms, winemaking bodegas and, during strife, hideouts…

  • Playa de Gandia

    Valencia Province

    Playa de Gandia, 6km from the centre, is a long, broad beach of fine sand, groomed daily by a fleet of tractors. It’s a popular resort with a good summer…

  • Museo de la Torre del Homenaje

    Valencia Province

    This watchtower, part of the original Moorish fortifications though later extensively modified by Christians in the 15th century, looms over the principal…

  • Museo del Vino

    Valencia Province

    In the old town, Museo del Vino, within the handsome, sturdy 15th-century Palacio del Cid, is a venue for wine lovers. A range of presses and other…